Information of shop

Our pharmacy is a small pharmacy in Kyoto. It is a pharmacist who is working with two pharmacists, but we are constantly working hard to listen to the complaints of each patient, and to look at the pathology and resolve it.

In addition, consultation is completely based on reservation system. We will take care as much as possible in terms of privacy so that you can receive your consultation by relaxing in a dedicated room with a partition, and you will not treat your face with other customers. Please stop by when you come near.

Store Name Fukuya Yakkyoku(Pharmacy)
Location 647-1 Imadegawa-dori,Karasuma ,Higashi-iri Syokokuji-Monzenmachi, Kamigyoku Kyoto
Phone number 075-415-7033
Fax number 075-415-7033
Opening hours From 9 am to 7 pm 【Full reservation system】
Closed Sundays and public holidays

As there is no pharmacist to receive consultation at study sessions etc. please visit us after confirmation on the phone.

To those who comes to Fukuya Yakkyoku
【If you come by train】
The nearest station is Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line “Imadegawa” station.
The shortest distance is Kyoto Station “Shinkansen Hachijo Higashiguchi” and transfer to the subway (take the second home towards Shijo) and get off at Imadegawa Station (about 10 minutes from Kyoto Station). Imadegawa Station I exit on the ground from Exit 1, and walk 5 minutes walk north along Karasuma Dori.
[At Imadegawa Station, there is an escalator close by, if you get on the 2nd from the top, you get off and get close. If you have a bad leg, you can get from the top to the rear of the car, there is an elevator that goes up to the ground. ]
【For those coming by car】
If you come by car from the Karasuma Dori, you can enter the street that runs east to west, and there is coin parking in almost all the streets. Please ask any questions.
(There is no parking discount service.)
In addition, it is possible to get on and off the hazard lamp in front of the pharmacy at Karasuma Dori.

【For those coming by taxi】
From the Kyoto Station Kashiwa Maruguchi (the north side of the station) to the Kami-Oreimae Koban, in a slightly congested time zone
It is around 1900 yen.

Please refer to the map below.