Kampo … that is the wisdom of oriental medicine

At Fukuya Pharmacy, we have received the health consultations of many people for over 60 years, and have built up our trust as a Kampo pharmacy.
A lot of information is flying in modern times. False knowledge about Kampo is walking alone.
In such times, we sincerely hope to provide you with the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and oriental medicine from our years of rich experience, wisdom and knowledge.

Kampo will help you with your health problems that are not found by a general hospital examination.

It is our pleasure if this website helps your health a little.

About Kampo

Kampo is traditional Japanese medicine that originated in Chinese traditional medicine and developed independently in Japan in accordance with the Japanese culture and constitution of Japanese people.
*Kampo also differs from traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Korean medicine. In fact, Kampo medicine is a uniquely Japanese form of medicine.

“Kampo” is operated based on the theory of oriental medicine.
In Oriental medicine, We think under the premise that something’s upset is losing its balance, keeping the balance of the body is three factors called “Qi”, “blood” and “water”. It is thought that these three things can be healthy by going around the body normally.

Therefore, for example, women’s bodies are delicate about being annoyed by various conditions in men’s physiology and menopausal conditions, and they are sensitive to stress and changes in the environment, and “Qi,” “Blood,” and “water” become disordered. Oriental medicine thinks that cause.

*The names “Kampo”, “Toyo medicine” and “Kampo” correspond to calling Edo period Western medicine “Rancho” and named “Kampo”. Oriental medicine is also used as a generic term for Western medicine.