About Oriental medicine

Even if it says “Kampo medicine”, the pathogenesis of each person’s pathology is determined and the prescription is decided, so considering the addition and subtraction of the amount of “genuous medicine” that composes it and the kind of “genuous medicine” It is no exaggeration to say that exists at infinity.

To put it simply and clearly in the way of thinking in Oriental medicine, the human body is kept stable and balanced by the three elements of “Qi, Blood, Water”, and the imbalance of these three elements causes the human body to move to various places in the body. It causes troubles and causes various diseases.

Therefore, I think that to cure the disease is to be in a state where the balance of air, blood and water is well taken.

In order to balance them, it is necessary to identify pathologies such as which one of the body’s “air, blood, water” is insufficient or excessive, and which is stagnant (determine “Pattern”). Say, taking into consideration, we will combine herbal medicines and decide on a prescription. At Fukuya Pharmacy, we currently stock over 400 types of “Crude Drugs” and are able to respond to all kinds of “Kampo” prescriptions.

Since the actual disease does not necessarily progress in a sumo relationship, the basic way of thinking will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner in consultation.

[Five-line theory and five-line table] All things that exist in the natural world are based on the idea that they are made up of five elements, “Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water” and maintain balance in their interrelationships. You are The following five-line table applies the nature, pathology, physiology, and medical condition corresponding to visceral hemorrhage with these five attributes.